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Miscalculated used bag storage — NBA All-World
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Miscalculated used bag storage

Edradour Member
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There is a miscalculation in my used bag storage or there are some hidden items (maybe the infamous red XP Wildcards?) . For example, when it shows 626 of 650 items I only count 546 manually. There are always 80 items difference. So suddenly my bag was full and I deleted energy.

I reached out to the support chat an they gave me +50 storage but this does not totally compensate missing space of 80 item and the display is still wrong.

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  • Coach SG
    Coach SG Moderator mod

    @Edradour Hi there, thanks for getting in touch! I'll be reaching out to you through the email address linked to your NBA All-World account to discuss this further. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details.

    Looking forward to connecting with you there!

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