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Game freezes frequently in tournaments — NBA All-World
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Game freezes frequently in tournaments

mkwooky Member
edited June 28 in ❓ Bug Reports

This is my 3rd consecutive week where I have experienced my game freezing during a tournament play. Am I the only one who’s having this issue?

  • Tuesday Gear (this week)
  • Five on the rise (last week)

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We’re looking into this! -Niantic Support


  • We are all having this issue and many other issues that have not been solved for months, they don’t care so we stopped posting as much.

  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod

    @mkwooky Hi there! We are sorry to hear about the freezing issue you experienced and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will make sure to further investigate the issue. That said, I will reach out to you on your email addres linked to your in game account with more info. Please keep an eye out!