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Stats dont fit the screen — NBA All-World
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Stats dont fit the screen

The skills amount doesnt even fit the screen.

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  • Coach M
    Coach M Moderator mod
    edited June 9

    @Gh0stShad0w Hi there! Mind sharing a few more details?

    1. Does this problem pop up when you're checking out other screens or browsing through other Players' profiles too?
    2. Also, did this hiccup start happening right after you updated to version 1.14.5? Let us know!
    1. Yes for all my players, the skills number get cut off when I go into their profiles.
    2. Yes after patch 1.14.5
  • Coach M
    Coach M Moderator mod

    @Gh0stShad0w Hi again! Have you given the reload or reinstallation trick a shot? Let us know if you've tried that out.

    Also, If you have a Player whose stats are lower than 1000 and one who has no decimal number in the stats, could you check out their profile? We'd appreciate it!

  • I see this only when the player has stats Greater than 1000 and with a decimal point, only when viewing that players profile, not on the roster page like shown above, have had this in previous app versions as well

  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod
    edited June 11

    @MitchPlease Hi, thanks for sharing your observations with us! Have you tried reloading the app and checking the Player's Profile again? That might help you see if all the digits are showing up properly. Let us know how it goes, and we'll be here to assist you further!

  • That hasn't worked in the past, I've experienced the issue for months, uninstalling and reinstalling never worked either. But I'll check next time I boost someone up into that range