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Kicked out of Tournament with 10 minutes still remaining. — NBA All-World
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Kicked out of Tournament with 10 minutes still remaining.

MitchPlease Member
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I had 2 matches left to finish in the ToC qualifier round 3 tournament when I was kicked out with 10 minutes remaining before the tournament ended. Why can't I finish the current tournament!? Not happy at all as I miss out on 1 ring and a potential extra ring as well as the AW Contender jersey up to 5x shards! Not happy at all!!!!!!!

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  • Yea same, I even provided Video evidence of freezing and they won’t give me a ring that we could have easily won if it wasn’t for their bugs of freezing

  • Frozen screen even after shot clock violation, sent whole video and they blame it on us ballers.

  • That's a different topic @Gh0stShad0w

  • Coach SG
    Coach SG Moderator mod

    @MitchPlease Hi there! Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that our team is checking out the issue you mentioned above to get it fixed as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates.

    Your patience and understanding are much appreciated!

  • Coach M
    Coach M Moderator mod

    @MitchPlease Hi again! To dig deeper into this issue, we'll contact you at the email address linked to your NBA All-World account. Let's chat over there!

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