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Tournament point scoring loop hole — NBA All-World
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Tournament point scoring loop hole

I've been mentioning this in Campfire since the early release days, and measures were implemented to counteract the practice of "point farming", however it is still not solving the issue. I had a perfect tournament run through my first 4 games in the Tournament of Champions Qualifying Round 1 tournament at Ball Arena, left it to come.back to later, only to find another player had missed shots at the start of his matches to bank points from blocks and steals against the low ranked opponents which I hadn't, enabling him to leapfrog me on the leaderboard. This is unfair to players who complete the tournament prior to others on the leaderboard. Freely admit to taking advantage of this myself purely because I know others do and occasionally it feels warranted in order to receive the desired rewards from tournaments, however this should be eliminated by making failing to score on an offensive possession give -1 points to counteract the points able to be gained on defense. In conjunction with this, all players should be afford the ability to start on defense the same.number of times, as it is also an unfair advantage to those who start on defense more times as they have access to more chances to get points from blocks or steals. I greatly appreciate any feedback on this issue and whether this is of interest to the game makers. Thanks.

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We're looking into this! - Niantic Support


  • I think it's worth considering making all tournament matches have the user start on defense, that way everyone always has equal opportunities to get blocks and steals. Those that start on offense more are at a disadvantage as they have less chances to earn those extra points and can cost them better tournament rewards. I'd hate for the "best of the best" tournament to be decided by someone starting on defense more than another.

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    @MitchPlease Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. We assure you this is being looked into and we will get back to you once we have more information to share. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

  • Hi there, it's been a couple of weeks, any update on this?

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    @MitchPlease Hi there! Unfortunately, we do not have any new information to share with you. Please be assured that this is being taken seriously and investigated. We'll contact you once we have more information or if we need anything from you.

    Your understanding and patience are much appreciated!