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Tournament of champions froze — NBA All-World
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Tournament of champions froze

Magicbuc Member
edited June 8 in ❓ Bug Reports

While playing the tournament froze and I had to restart app. When i went to resume tournament it have me a loss.

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  • Coach M
    Coach M Moderator mod

    @Magicbuc Hi there! I apologize for the inconvenience you faced during The Tournament of Champions Qualifier match. To better assist you, could you kindly provide us with more specific details?

    1. Which particular match out of the 5 did the freeze occur in?
    2. Did you happen to switch networks or change your internet connection between the matches?

  • Coach M
    Coach M Moderator mod

    @Magicbuc Hi again! Looks like our in-app support team has addressed this query. We'll be closing this report now.

    Do write to us if there is anything else we can help with.

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