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Invisible players bug in “First to 5” — NBA All-World
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Invisible players bug in “First to 5”

ParadigmShift Member
edited June 20 in ❓ Bug Reports

Started random 1v1 shootout with Bazley for xp.

Game mode First to 5.

All game functions working in the shootout, but players were invisible, could only see shadows and the slider for shots.

Still managed to win, took screenshots, this is the first time it’s happened in a normal 1v1 shootout, only other time I saw this was when I reported the OKC arena bug.

Iphone, Game updated to latest version.

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  • Coach SG
    Coach SG Moderator mod

    @ParadigmShift Hi there, thank you for reporting and sharing the screenshots. I'd like to let you know that our team is looking into this issue. Please stay tuned to our official channels for updates.

    If you come across anything else that requires our attention, do let us know.

  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod

    @ParadigmShift This bug report has been closed because it has not received any recent comments or upvotes. If you are experiencing this issue, please create a new bug report or upvote an existing one.

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