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Bent rim in 1v1 contests — NBA All-World
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Bent rim in 1v1 contests

AbraFoxtrot27 Member
edited June 20 in ❓ Bug Reports

Occasionally and at random, the rim of the basket will appear bent to the side around 10 degrees. If attempting a jump shot, even if the release is in the green, the ball will hit the rim, resulting in a miss. Then the the rim will immediately realign itself correctly. This bug only occurs every so often, and no more than once per match. It has only occurred since the most recent game update, never prior. I will try to attach screenshots in the near future.

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  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod
    edited May 13

    Hi @AbraFoxtrot27! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You might have experienced a temporary visual error. Please try clearing Cache and see if it helps, the steps to do so are as below:

    • Open the Settings app on your device.
    • Tap Storage > Apps.
    • Select the NBA All-World app.
    • Tap Clear Cache.

    If the error continues, you may capture a screen recording of the issue, upload it on Google Drive, and share the link here. We will take a closer look and investigate it further.

  • Thanks, I will try your suggestion. Here are the promised snaps.

  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod

    Thanks for sharing the screenshots @AbraFoxtrot27! Please let us know if clearing the cache resolved the issue. If you continue to experience it, you may write back to us and we'll further investigate it.

  • Coach BM
    Coach BM Moderator mod

    @AbraFoxtrot27 This bug report has been closed because it has not received any recent comments or upvotes. If you are experiencing this issue, please create a new bug report or upvote an existing one.

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