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NBA All-World officially shut down on September 22, 2023. It is no longer possible to play the game or access the bug reporting forum. To everyone that joined us for this adventure, we're so thankful for your dedication and support!

Tournament Outage Update — NBA All-World
NBA All-World will officially retire on September 22, 2023 at 11am Pacific. The bug forum will be closed at this time. Thank you for your support!

Tournament Outage Update

Coach K
Coach K Administrator admin

Hey Ballers,

Some of you were affected by an outage on Friday in the Brooklyn and Milwaukee tournaments. We’re aware of the issue and have been working on a fix. We are working to compensate players as a result of the outage, and tournaments will begin again today to get you back on the court and collecting rings. Thanks for your support during this beta!

-The NBA All-World team

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