Thanks for playing!

NBA All-World officially shut down on September 22, 2023. It is no longer possible to play the game or access the bug reporting forum. To everyone that joined us for this adventure, we're so thankful for your dedication and support!

Announcement: Daily Tournaments Paused — NBA All-World
NBA All-World will officially retire on September 22, 2023 at 11am Pacific. The bug forum will be closed at this time. Thank you for your support!

Announcement: Daily Tournaments Paused

Hi Ballers,

First, we want to extend our deepest apologies for not announcing the postponement of Daily Tournaments over the weekend. We understand that this has created disappointment and frustration among our most valued players. 

Right now, we’re focused on designing special event Tournaments like the Playoffs and revamping 1:1 gameplay to ensure the best possible future experience for all of you. However, the lack of communication ahead of time was a mistake on our part, and we take full responsibility for it. Moving forward, we want to assure you that our team is working tirelessly to make sure that the delayed response is addressed promptly and effectively.

We ask for your patience as we take a break to make adjustments to our Tournament schedule. We’re working on showing you our thanks, so be on the lookout for a special announcement this week!

-The All-World Team