Thanks for playing!

NBA All-World officially shut down on September 22, 2023. It is no longer possible to play the game or access the bug reporting forum. To everyone that joined us for this adventure, we're so thankful for your dedication and support!

New Feature: Unlock Team Size β€” NBA All-World
NBA All-World will officially retire on September 22, 2023 at 11am Pacific. The bug forum will be closed at this time. Thank you for your support!

New Feature: Unlock Team Size

Did you know that as you grow your team, your Team Level can unlock more spots to recruit players?

Pay close attention to your team size by scrolling to the bottom of 'My Team'. If you're getting close to that Locked Team Size, manage your team by Releasing players to make room for more. The higher your Team Level, the more slots you'll have added to recruit more players.

Important Note: if you have a full team, any player you play and beat cannot be recruited. Pay close attention and make sure you have space to recruit the next Rare or Epic player that comes along!