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BOTs stats increased through the roof — NBA All-World
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BOTs stats increased through the roof

AlleyOop Member
edited February 19 in [Archived] Beta Bug Reports

anyone else notice the BOTs block, steal and shot percentages have gone way up recently.

whenever I drive to the basket now I have been blocked or the ball stolen 100% of the time, which makes no sense.

also the BOTs keep hitting insane outside shots without being able to be blocked, I hit block in time yet they still score.

just frustrating when you go into a game with a player 300+ stats over the BOT and you lose after driving 5+ times only to lose the ball 5+ times.

it’s like Niantic don’t want people driving to the basket and only want them scoring mid range.

Niantic just make it make sense again…

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  • AttackTitan
    AttackTitan Moderator mod

    We’ve not changed the bot difficulty @AlleyOop. However, we‘ll look into your overall observations and see if they warrant for any changes from our end.