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Referrals not working — NBA All-World
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Referrals not working

I know that I have referred 1 person and I was referred by another person yet there's nothing in my referral tab. There has been an ghost notification since I typed in my friends referral code but no referral listed.

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Bug: Investigating · Last Updated

We’re looking into this! -Niantic Support


  • Any updates?

  • AttackTitan
    AttackTitan Moderator mod

    Hi @MattCM! Could you reinstall the app once and tell us if it fixes this issue?

  • I tried and still nothing.

  • For more context I know 4 other people experiencing the same issue of not getting the referrals.

  • I have the same problem, three friends used the referral code only one to work I tried to change the code and replace it but it still marks invalid code for the other two

  • same issu with my account

  • any update? i received lot of referral demand that i cannot see, nothing printed out with a ghost notification point, since my account creation.

    and my friend are blocked to add other people s code, because i don't approuve the invitation.

    plz resolve the issu quickly, the bug becomes anxious.