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Unable to get new energy drinks — NBA All-World
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Unable to get new energy drinks

Deeth Member

Hi Team,

Since the new update, we are capped at 100 items until we use our items.

Problem is, I have more than 100 arena passes and there is no way to reduce those at a fast enough rate to eventually pick up items. At this rate, I will wind up spending all my energy drinks before I can resolve this in time.

Are there any resolutions being planned like a discard function? This also defeats the purpose of getting meaningful tournament results if we don't receive all of the items anyway.

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The Bag space feature was added in v1.9.0, please update your app to see the changes


  • After getting XP cards as a reward , they can't be found under " manage player"

  • Think this may be tied to the item limits? I could be wrong

  • @Coach K @AttackTitan I know it was mentioned in the V1.8.0 announcement that there will be a quick release that will enable us to delete/manage our bags but have not seen it yet and it's been almost a week since.

    Will you be able to give us an update when we can expect it?

    Also, thinking that it may be a good idea to have an increased bag size whenever we level up similar to the increase in team space?

    How about giving us an option to buy bag space using AW cash?

  • Deeth
    Deeth Member
    edited November 2022

    Also want to point out that this is the cause of frustration for most since the update

  • AttackTitan
    AttackTitan Moderator mod

    We're looking into the feedback received from our users about the recent changes to the Bag capacity. Stay tuned.

  • @AttackTitan been 2 weeks since v1.8.0. Will the quick release to fix the bag limit ever come out?

  • Apparently expected as early as next week but I don’t see the point in playing without it so will be having a break and might come back but doubtful.

    It is hard to have a bag if passes are going to be included in the count as you never know which you will need!

    Considering how many rewards I have collected which haven’t been added to my account, it would be good if as a result of the fix player’s accounts received a reward of boost, xp, etc but I find it highly unlikely they would acknowledge loyalty and encourage players to stay

  • Thanks, @SK00LED and I agree about the wasted rewards because of the limit.

    Where was the expected release mentioned? I must've missed it.

  • AttackTitan
    AttackTitan Moderator mod

    Our team is preparing the next update for release as early as next week, which will include the ability to delete items from your bag, purchase storage space, and a number of other changes. Thanks for your patience @M4rvz2 and everyone!

  • Thanks for the update, @AttackTitan

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