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Freezing in 1 vs 1 games — NBA All-World
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Freezing in 1 vs 1 games

Have run into issues sometimes in a 1 vs 1 game where all controls disappear and can no longer move. I then experience a shot clock violation but the game doesn't reset and I then need to **** the app. By doing that it counts as a loss (had this happen in a tournament also).

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  • FireyNitty
    FireyNitty Member
    edited October 2022

    Playing round 2, the game freezes half way through the round. Leaving me with no option but to close the game and restart. Which then counts as a loss. This happened 2 times in a row, so I have not bothered trying again. Extra unhappy cause I paid 100 coins for the tournament pass too :(

  • Have had this happen many times. Where I enter a tournament, start playing a round, and the game will freeze. Then once the shot clock violation sounds, the other player will kind of unfreeze, but my player won't. Resulting in me having to closs the app. Every time I have to do this, it counts as a loss :/





  • Happened to me also 3 times now in 3 days and cost me 2 player I didn't had, and 1 game loss in a tournament. I have a video of this but we Can't upload video 😡